06/01/2018 • Machine safety, industrial safety

SMART Safety Sensor SRF

Safety Sensor for Industry 4.0

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The contactless Smart Safety Sensor SRF supports the implementation of safe Smart Factories: The SRF - an abbreviation of Safety RFID - monitors moveable separating protective equipment such as flaps or doors of movable guards and protects employees from injury by shutting down or prevent the start of the machine until the separating safety device is properly closed.
Particular attention is paid to the diagnostic system DCD. The system provides a large amount of data, making it available centrally. Diagnostic data is fed into the machine control system via I/O Link or alternatively displayed on a smart phone by way of NFC technology. Data collected in this manner can be used for predictive maintenance based on early fault detection. The special feature of this new development is the diagnostic system DCD. The system provides a large amount of data of each sensor, making it available centrally and flexibly as an aid to intelligent production. This feature is currently the only one on the market.

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