04/06/2005 • Access control and clocking • Building Security

Active8 Sensor watches over pedestrians

Automatic door sensor specialist BEA has launched the next generation of its Activ8 sensor for pedestrian sliding doors. This results from technological evolution and experience and is already available on the market. The new sensor features new intelligent immunity systems, for rain, snow, etc ... and is definitely based on the philosophy "ease at the installation".

The Activ8 combines microwave and active infrared sensing technologies within a single housing, allowing it to detect both movement towards, and presence in front of, the door.

Self-monitored and fail-safe, the presence-sensing field comprises a double curtain of 24 overlapping infrared spots, ensuring that detection is uniform and reliable. It also removes the need for horizontal safety beams mounted within the door frame, since the conical or pyramidal area over which it operates covers the whole width of the door and extends to an effective height, in accordance with BS 7036 and PrEN 12650

Two models of the Activ8 are available: the Activ8 ONE, fitted with a direction-sensing radar, which can be switched to bidirectional; and the Activ8 THREE, in which the radar component is self-monitored for emergency exit applications (for Germany).

Aside from sparing installers the laborious task of cabling photocells, Activ8 is also easy to set up via remote control due to factory pre-configurations that conform to national and international standards.

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