01/10/2005 • Microscopy / Imaging

Axio Imager

More than only a microscope, more than only an Imaging system: A new age starts with Axio Imager in the digital microscopy. With new dimensions of the efficiency with fully integrated intelligence with a using concept pointing the way.
Before and with more liberty with respect to Ausbaubarkeit and use breadth than ever. An innovative modular microscope platform for all requirements, all applications in routine and research.

Modular Imagingplattform for routine and research Axio Imager is the base for all Imaging topics in the Life Sciencess. Eight tripod variants are at the user's disposal to do justice to the challenges of the respective application today and in the future. A new optics design guarantees the highest resolution and the best contrast both and in lager country applications into fluorescence. The new using concept unites both ergonomic points of view and the efficient imbedding of the microscope system in the workflow of the user.

Performance features:

• Radiate walk corrected
• apochromatically new objective rows for the best contrast and the highest resolution
• intuitive using concept with air Screen panel
• improved Z motorization with optional 25 nm or 10 nm step far ones stable
• flexible and development bar
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