04/01/2005 • Focus on Products at Analytica

basan extends the range of intermediate clothing using a new microfibre

basan has extended the existing range of intermediate clothing using a new microfibre, thus supporting compliance with the growing demands on cleanroom clothing.
When combined with appropriate outer clothing, this intermediate clothing is suited for use in ISO 1 cleanroom conditions. This is made possible by the special construction of the material.

The use of microfibres makes it possible to produce a very close weave which minimises the particulate emission from the wearer.

In addition to the high cleanroom performance, the microfibre material offers high physical comfort to the wearer. The high filtration characteristics are combined with a soft, silk-like feel, comfortable ‚breathability‘ and light weight.
Additionally the material is resistant to scuffing, has an anti-microbe finish, and includes integral carbon fibres to provide an anti-static finish to the clothing.

The intermediate clothing consists of a long-sleeved shirt with sealing cuffs and an all-round collar; and trousers with elasticised waistband and further sealing cuffs at the ankles.
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