05/24/2018 • Automation

ScopeCheck FB DZ Multi-sensor Measuring Machine

Measurement without restrictions

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A large combined measurement range can be achieved for multi-sensor measurements with ScopeCheck FB DZ machines, as for the smallest machine it is 425 mm x 500 mm x 350 mm with an image processing sensor and a conventional probe. The new ScopeCheck FB DZ has compact dimensions and low weight. The machine is sturdy, with good ambient vibration responsiveness.

With the new transmitted light concept, the glass table and transmitted light unit are easy to disassemble for the measurement of heavy workpieces directly on the measuring table. The machine can optionally be equipped with two independent sensor axes. This ensures that the geometries of the workpiece can be accessed from all sides without the risk of collision. The compact machines with large measuring ranges allow multi-sensor measurements without restrictions.

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