03/04/2005 • Metrology • Sensor Technology

PTB awards test certificate for VMS 520 Volume Measurement System

On 16.09.2004, the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB) in Braunschweig awarded the VMS 520 Volume Measurement System a test certificate number D 04 / 1.6.01 on the basis of its previous OIML R129 certification.zertifiziert. A complete system capable of calibration can now be developed for courier, express and package logistics – and approved by national testing authorities – by combining a calibrated weighing system with bar-code scanners.

Significant technical features led to certification of the VMS 520 by the PTB. Thus, for example, scale value is 0,5 mmcm – based on a maximum conveyor speed of 2 m/s within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C. The smallest distance to be measured is 50 mm – which means that even objects with an edge length of just 50 mm can be measured with calibrated accuracy.

VMS 520 – construction and method of function

The VMS 520 Volume Measurement System consists of two sensor heads that are mounted on a vibration-proof gantry frame. The , sowie der Software für die Parametrierung, Diagnose und Visualisierung des Volumenmessensor heads are installed above a conveyor system moving at speeds of up to 2 m/s. They each emit a fan-shaped laser beam with an angular resolution of 0.125°. The time-of-flight of the laser beam is evaluated in each sensor head to within a few millimetres. The sensor heads combine their measurement values (no supplementary evaluation unit is necessary) and thus determine the length, height and width of packets or packages. The measurement data can be transferred to the controls of the entire system via the serial RS-232 interface or an Ethernet connection. As the VMS 520 is characterised by compact dimensions, the integration of numerous functions, and simple installation and commissioning, it can optionally be integrated with other identification modules in a complete solution capable of calibration.

Improved and transparent distribution processes

Certified Volume Measurement Systems are increasingly being used by courier, express and packet services (CEP) in distribution centres. They not only permit improvement of sorting, preparation and distribution processes but, as a result of their great accuracy, also offer transport service providers the opportunity to precisely measure and classify packets, packages and other transported goods. Thus CEP companies are now in a position to calculate the actual transport services provided (instead of relying on estimates provided in advance by the consignors) and can, if necessary, submit reappraised invoices. Depending on the actual amounts involved, this can quickly lead to amortisation of the entire system.
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