03/04/2005 • Building Security

Counting persons: the LD PeCo detection system allows more efficient security strategies

The LD PeCo is a new type of long-range system for counting persons and for determining the direction in which they are moving. Whether children or adults, individuals or entire groups – the non-contact measurement system reliably detects how many people there are, and where they are, and can thus provide important information for security and rescue measures in an emergency. Technically, the system is also particularly suitable for large buildings or flows of people, e.g. at airports, shopping centres or stadiums, as it detects the direction of movement and can monitor path widths of up to 26 m – at an installation height of up to 15 m. With application-specific programming of the digital signal processor, the People Counter (PeCo) can also be adapted to a wide range of conditions and is thus ideally suited for security functions in building management.

The LD PeCo is an actively scanning, highly precise laser measurement system whose scanner emits two invisible, fan-shaped, parallel light pulses and measures the time until reception of their reflections. Regardless of the size and geometry of a space, room or passage, LD PeCo can be adapted to any spatial structure, e.g. supporting pillars or electronic goods security portals. The time-of-flight of the transmitted light pulses changes as soon as someone walks through the light grids, and the person is counted. When several people, even of different sizes, cross the monitored area they are also reliably detected and counted. Simultaneously, the PeCo detects which of the two grids is passed through first and calculates the direction the persons are moving in.

Can be installed almost everywhere

The maintenance-free LD PeCo offers almost no restrictions regarding installation. The system can be installed outside the aisles or beyond any possible access, thus protecting it against damage or tampering. People can be reliably counted, even in high arcades in shopping malls, or in arrival and departure halls at airports, thanks to its mounting height of up to 15 m. Unlike cameras, the LD PeCo operates independently of the light conditions and is effectively protected against light or targeted dazzling.

Reliable measurement for secure buildings

The LD family of laser measurement systems for building management – the LD PDS building security system as well as the LD PeCo – offers state-of-the-art technology for all needs. High ranges are achieved thanks to powerful laser optics, and even weakly reflective, darkly dressed persons, and thin or small persons, are reliably detected – the latter because of its possible angular resolution of 0.125° between the individual beams.

In addition to a first digital signal processor (DSP) for controlling the measurement system, each LD PeCo has a second DSP that converts the measured values obtained into numerical and directional information and transmits it via Canbus, RS-232, RS-422 or four digital switching outputs, e.g. to the central building control system. So security technicians, system integrators or users can adapt the Person Counter to its operating environment appropriately. If this changes, e.g. as a result of putting up new walls or sales stands, this is also easily taken into account in the device via software.
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