02/28/2005 • Process technology / Maintenance

Wireless label printing: WLAN technology enables greater mobility

SATO, the world's leading manufacturer of label and barcode printers, and a specialist in data collection systems (DCS) and radio frequency identification (RFID), is now offering its label printers with Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connectivity. The WLAN option is available on both conventional barcode printers and the latest SATO UHF RFID devices. All SATO printers, including the high-end M-84 Pro label printers, the CL400e industrial units, and the fully portable MB series, can now be equipped with an EN 802.11b-compliant WLAN interface. This new feature enables label printers to be operated at remote sites, such as warehouses, that are not connected to a corporate network. It is also ideal for entirely mobile scenarios, for instance where employees require label data on site for portable devices.

Like conventional, cable-based LAN interfaces, SATO’s WLAN interfaces support Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) functions, including configuration, control and status queries. The range of the WLAN connection is up to 100 metres, in line with the EN 802.11b standard. To prevent third-party access to data during WLAN transmission, 64- or 128-bit Web encryption is available. Data can be transmitted at speeds of up to 11 megabits per second.
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