03/29/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Metrology

Zwick comes out Top in Universal Hardness Testing

With its latest ZHU-topLine hardness tester, Zwick is strengthening its market lead as a supplier of premium universal hardness testing equipment. The first fully functioning prototypes will be showcased at this year’s International Forum for Materials Testing (16 – 19 October 2006) in Ulm, Germany. These machines have test loads from1 to 250 kN (9.81 to 2452 kg) and will be available for sale at the beginning of 2007.

During the development process, special emphasis was placed on high operating and measurement convenience. As a technology leader this universal hardness tester is designed for hardness tests according to Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, and other procedures. It has been developed especially for test laboratories / materials research, or quality assurance in industrial production.

Unique features of the machine include its advanced digital zoom optics for carrying out a wide range of applications using a single lens, and “closed loop” technology for automatic load application.

An optional image processing systems is available for fully automatic evaluation of the indentations, whilst other options and modules such as a motorized turret and motorized compound table are also available.

The hardness tester connects directly to Zwick’s proprietary testXpert® software resulting in a very easy to use and reliable testing system. In addition the online language switching is extremely useful for international organizations and applications.

Zwick will be introducing more hardness testers from this series up to 750 and 3000 kg (7357 N and 29,430 N) during 2007.
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