02/28/2005 • Laboratory installation / Services

Safety for Chemists

The chemist is always at chemical risk in his daily laboratory activity for possible breathing of toxic, irritant or allergy-inducing chemical substances. Diseases like gastric lesions, anaemia, lung oedemas, bronchitis, and burnings may be present when the "TLV" are exceeded. The new generation of cupboards "Superchemo" of International "pbi" avoids the risk of chemical contamination and in all cases where it is not practical or convenient to install a fixed extraction ducting. The operating principle is based on a constant flow of air which is drawn into the cupboard through the front, runs parallel to the work surface removing toxic fumes and is forced through the filter unit consisting of an electrostatic pre-filter which retains particles and then through an active carbon filter in which contaminating chemicals are neutralised and adsorbed. The filtered air may be reintroduced in the working environment or ducted to the outside. The "Superchemo" cupboards protect operator, process, and environment from toxic vapour, fumes, gases or particulates.
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