06/22/2005 • Sensor Technology

MiniAmp – the new industrial charge amplifier

Kistler's new miniature single-channel charge amplifier, the MiniAmp Type 5030A…, converts the charge signal from piezoelectric sensors into a proportional voltage signal. Its rugged, dust and watertight metal housing (protection class IP65), together with its extremely compact design and attractive price, make the MiniAmp Type 5030A… particularly suitable for industrial use.

One of the many possible fields of application of the MiniAmp is machinery and process monitoring in the manufacturing industry, a domain in which operating conditions are generally harsh and the space available for the integration of measurement technology is often restricted. As the device can amplify the signals of all piezoelectric sensors, it is universally usable. The light weight of this charge amplifier permits mounting on moving machine parts. For the input signal, two fixed measuring ranges (10:1) are available which can be switched via digital inputs even under load. The output signal of ±10 V can be processed and monitored by any data acquisition equipment. Finally, thanks to its integrated digital inputs (TTL level), the MiniAmp can be integrated very easily into an industrial control system (PLC).
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