02/28/2005 • Analytics

First Separation Column with Nanotechnology

SLS Micro Technology has launched the world's smallest, extremely miniaturized gas chromatography module, the GCM 5000, and is now about to present another GC development: the first separation column with nanotechnology. The "Nanotubes" will be exhibited to the public for the first time at the Pittcon 2005 in Feb/March in Orlando/USA. The additional separation column with nanotechnology enables the module to measure permanent gases, such as CO2, CH4, and O2, but also polar and nonpolar substances. Equipped with billions of nanotubes, this extra column will again open up new, unprecedented possibilities for GC-application, e.g. in safety and environmental, but also in process and chemical engineering, or even as "mobile safety manager" in private households.
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