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Video matrices made by GEUTEBRÜCK - high bandwidths, compact construction, modular flexibility!

For small projects or complex installations: the range includes entry-level units, satellite matrices, or compact, fully programmable, networked matrices: only GEUTEBRÜCK.

  • Extremely high bandwidths - giving broadcast-quality pictures.
  • Extremely compact - saving space and cost.
  • Modular and scaleable - for a perfect fit with all your requirements.
  • Almost limitless expandability - ensuring secure and future-proof investment.
  • Integrated text insertion and synchronised signal monitoring - for user information where you need it, when you need it.
  • Complex and flexible alarm management, with third party systems too - for a system which works the way you want it to.
  • High reliability by use of industrial PCs.
  • Easy integration of system components by means of PC-controlled system technology: From remote camera control and video motion detectors up to digital picture recording.
Compax-16/4 For small systems: 16 video inputs on 4 outputs; control I/Os; optional text insertion; manual, cyclic and alarm-triggered camera switching.

The more complex the installation, the more you need the additional advantages of the ViCros III system:
  • GeViControl, networkable video management system offering transparency and intuitive operation, customisable configuration, and satellite matrix connection via video routing.
  • Graphical user interface with site plan-based guidance.
  • Ideal user information from customised text insertion covering all video I/Os as well as separate alarm or status information.
  • Flexible expansion of inputs and outputs 16 at a time.
  • Integrated sync signal monitoring.
  • Graphical on screen text insertion for non-latin based graphic characters.
ViCros III Compact Excellent value, modular matrix for medium-sized systems. BNC connection for easy installation and servicing. Two models: up to 80 on 32 I/Os in space-saving 4HU (19") format; up to 128 on 32 I/Os in 6 HU.

ViCros III Modular matrix system. Extremely compact (256 inputs/32 outputs or 128 / 64 in only 6HU /19”); expandable; optional cable length compensation with dc decoupling, picture signal monitoring with individual camera settings and graphical text insertion.

Compax III, the networkable compact matrix
  • Networkable, freely programmable compact matrix with GeViSoft management system
  • Attractive price/performance providing guaranteed zero latency, real-time video.
  • Compact standard unit with 32 video inputs and 16 outputs, expandable to 64 video inputs with the similarly compact expansion unit using just one system cable connection.
  • 32 input contacts and 16 freely programmable relay contacts for individual control.
  • GeViSoft video management system for extremely flexible configuration and operation, locally via serial connection or remotely via network.
  • Wide range of setup options for perfect customisation: alarm priorities for high operating security; freely programmable camera cycles for virtual guard tours, extensive text insertion for all current camera and alarm information at a glance.
  • Versatile: as compact matrix with full functionality or as satellite matrix in networked systems. This flexibility along with the continuous development of the modular management system guarantees the system’s ability to meet all the customer’s requirements now and in the future.
  • Open interfaces allow perfect integration with external components as well as GEUTEBRÜCK system products.
Compax III Networkable, freely programmable video matrix with high performance management software. 32 video inputs and 16 outputs as well as 32 control inputs and 16 relay outputs (individually programmable) in only 3 HU/19”. Controlled through serial or LAN interface. Expandable up to 64 video inputs and 16 outputs with 64 control inputs and 32 relay outputs. Suitable for many kinds of application as a compact matrix with full functionality or as a satellite matrix in networked systems.

Video security that pays off.

Solutions for specific product areas are part of our philosophy.

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