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novel laborscale spraygranulator A-WT 25

The Austrian plant engineering and construction company AMMAG is specialised on spray granulation / coating and bulk material handling (conveying, silos, big bags, dosing and weighing). Own test plants in lab and pilot scale are used to test all process steps and to develop new products together with the customers. Toll manufacturing of these joint developments is possible, too.

AMMAG has developed and constructed a novel laborscale spraygranulator A-WT 25. Air supply/-heating station and process-modul are designed in sparate units. Favorable design and a well elaborated plant concept, makes the A-WT 25 multi-purpose and in conformity with ATEX.

The granulator can be operated in top - or bottom spray mode with different positions for the nozzels.
An up-to-date control- and visualization system (based on Siemens S7) and changeable granulation-baskets for different batch-sizes give additional advantages to the user.

Thus, first feasibility studies and small productions in the field of fluidbed - drying,
- spraygranulating, - agglomerating, - coating, - melt-granulating, can be realized.

The labor-granulator can be operated at the AMMAG technic center - with the support of scientists and process-engineers or it can also be rented.

Batch size: approx. 10 kg
air-distributor: 250 mm
air volume: 400 Nm3/h
evaporation: approx. 6 kg/h

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