01/20/2005 • Automation

Weidmüller's 'Omnimate Range':

There is a natural limit to the constant miniaturisation of electronics components and concurring high density of components: the user's hand! To get around this limitation, Weidmüller has equipped its 5.08-mm pitch socket blocks BLZ, BLZF and BLT, left and right, with a lock and release lever. This practical detail fulfils two functions: on the one hand, it interlocks the socket block and the pin headers; thus guaranteeing a secure connection. On the other hand, when the release lever is operated the specially curved design separates the socket block from the pin header – completely, precisely and without force. Engineers talk of defined ejection characteristics. Of course, locking and unlocking requires no tools. In order for the user to be able to take advantage of these socket blocks, the pin headers must be fitted with a flange on either side. The reason is that the lock and release lever requires a bracing surface for leverage and interlocking functions; thus the design engineers had to take this constructive detail into consideration when designing this section of the module housings. The new socket blocks are fully compatible with SL-SMT (Surface Mount Technology) pin headers. Weidmüller is extending the 'Omnimate Range' by adding these modules to its programme.

The following variants of the 5.08-mm pitch socket blocks with lock and release lever are presently available: BLZ with 180° and 270° wire exits, the BLZF with 180° wire exit as well as the socket block BLT with TOP connection. The following wire connection systems are utilised: clamping yoke (screw connection) for the type BLZ, tension clamp for the type BLZF, and TOP connection for the type BLT. TOP connection means: wire insertion and tightening of the screw are carried out in parallel to one another. The socket blocks are on offer with the following pole numbers: type BLZ 180° 2 – 22 poles, BLZ 270° 15 – 24 poles, BLZF 2 – 24 poles and the BLT also with 2 – 24 poles.

The socket blocks are made from the insulating material PBT - flammability class UL 94 V-0. PBT is a thermoplastic polyester. Providing an excellent dimensional stability, it doesn't shrink away from continuous high operating temperatures.

Last, but not least: the socket blocks can of course be marked for easy identification of electrical equipment. The option of individually printed markings is also available.
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