01/13/2005 • Video security and monitoring

Reliable Security Technology

When Athens Spata airport was opened in March 2001, one of the most important requirements was a video-supported monitoring and recording system to document incidents of theft and other crimes. Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. presented the solution with their DS 150 security system.

One of the requirements was the system's ability to guarantee that the recorded pictures are permanently protected, which the DS 150 supplies, both during the actual recording as well as when accessing data. Any reports and alarm signals show up in the control room and are acknowledged manually. This guarantees that the recordings are processed directly in the case of an alarm. The supervisor can keep track of the system and security personnel at all times. Access to the system is also effectively protected, as only a few people, including the supervisor, are authorized.

Non-authorized access is prevented in three ways: by means of a smart card, a password and a "record check". During Passenger Terminal Expo 2005 Mitsubishi also presented their new 16 channel digital recorder DX-TL5000E. Each individual module of the system has been specially developed for the demands of industry, in particular the elevator market. Also displayed were the compact designed digital recorder DX-ET100 and the CCD camera DX-EC100 allowing their installation in the smallest spaces
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