09/28/2004 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Thermal Imager gives high performance at low cost

The latest portable thermal imaging camera from Land Instruments International is the perfect instrument with which to identify and quantify thermally related problems around the plant - at almost half the cost of the nearest comparable instrument. Despite its low price, the new Cyclops TI 814 is a high specification, fully featured thermal camera with a 320 x 240 detector that captures high resolution thermal images within the temperature range –20 to 500°C. An extended temperature range up to 1500°C can be specified as an option.

Thermal images and sound files are saved to a CompactFlash memory card then typically transferred to a PC for image manipulation, analysis and report writing. To complete the system, the Cyclops TI 814 is supplied with LIPS 814 image processing software, the latest evolution of the software product that the company has progressively refined throughout fifteen years of developing and supplying thermal imaging systems for predictive and preventive maintenance.

Other features include a laser pointer, motorised focus, live wireless video transmission to remote monitors and a detachable telephoto lens option. The working thermographer will find the ergonomically designed Cyclops TI 814 light, compact and easy to use. The user will benefit from simplified controls, simultaneous display of the thermal image in both the bright LCD display and colour viewfinder, and the practical advantage of TI 814 being powered by a standard rechargeable camcorder battery capable of more than three hours continuous operation. In addition to plant condition monitoring, the Cyclops TI 814 can be used to gather and analyse temperature data for structural integrity inspections, quality control, and research and development.

Industries that can benefit include steel and glass, petrochemical and plastics, electrical and electronics, power generation, transmission and distribution, energy management, construction and civil engineering.
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