01/04/2005 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

High Performance Refractometer for PC Operation

The latest generation of Abbemat high performance refractometers from the German manufacturer Dr. Kernchen set new standards regarding accuracy and versatility. Due to modern data processing and innovative optical design a resolution of 1*10-6 nD
is achieved. The measuring ranges are 1.32–1.56 nD (HP model) respectively 1.30–1.72 nD (WR model), allowing refractive index measurements of organic solvents, perfumes or aromas. Within an interval of 10–70°C an internal Peltier-thermostate is adjusting the temperature of the measuring prism at an accuracy of ±0.03°C, so that no additional external thermocirculator is required. Different types of sample cells are offered allowing the adaptation of the instrument to every task in the laboratory.
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