06/29/2004 • Microscopy / Imaging

Lambert Instruments` LIFA for FLIM

Lambert Instuments presents the LIFA system for FLIM,
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, at Microscience, stand I13. The LIFA is attached to a standard wide-field fluorescence microscope and is used in bio-molecular research. Key components of the system are the modulated image intensifier II18MD as detector and the modulated high brightness LEDs for excitation. Lasers with AOM modulation can be applied as well. Lam-bert Instruments specializes in the development of intensified CCD cameras and complete imaging systems making use of Image Intensifiers with or without gating or modulation. The products are supported by software for image acquisition, processing and analysis. Standard products: Intensified CCD cameras, Cooled CCD cameras, Image Intensifiers, LIFA Systems for FLIM, HI-CAM intensified high-speed camera.

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