Transforming Video Into a Strategic Enterprise Asset

Video images are a rich source of actionable intelligence — the timely information that airports require to enhance security, reduce shutdowns, meet regulatory requirements, and limit liability and loss. But, video by itself has limited value unless it can be used as easily and effectively as any other strategic data. Proprietary "white box" technology can make it difficult to use video images as easily as other critical data within an organization.

Verint® Networked Video Solutions are built on an open, standards-based architecture, enabling organizations to employ cost-effective, policy-based management of video images using best-of-breed solutions and existing IT infrastructure. This open standards-based architecture is designed specifically to enhance the reliability and scalability of an organization's video network and help align video operations with an organization's overall goals.

With Verint Networked Video Solutions, you can use Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) server, network, and storage technologies to transmit, manage, and access video images. Designed to operate seamlessly with your existing IT and video

infrastructure, Verint solutions promote faster, less costly deployments, lower cost of ownership, and greater return on existing investments.
You can view live and recorded video and manage your entire video surveillance operation using the Verint Loronix Video Manager™ residing on COTS servers. With the Verint Enterprise Storage Manager, you can store video using highly reliable, industry-standard storage technologies, COTS servers, and your existing storage infrastructure. And you can manage stored video using your existing data storage policies.
Verint Networked Video Solutions eliminate the need for proprietary "white box" PCs and the integration and maintenance problems associated with them. And by using separate devices to encode and store video images, Verint solutions enable you to continue using your video encoders in the event of server failure or replacement.

Danny Peleg, Verint's Transportation Manager notes, "Airports turn to Verint Video Solutions because it enables them to choose the technologies that best meet their needs from vendors who offer the most value This provides them with a solution that is easy to upgrade and provides long-term investment protection".
Verint (Nasdaq: VRNT) is a leading provider global provider of video security, surveillance and business intelligence solutions. Verint Networked Video Solutions transform digital video into actionable intelligence – timely, mission-critical insights for faster, more effective business decisions.

Headquartered in Melville, New York, Verint is powered by 1,100 professionals in offices across the globe, veterans of industries from financial services and retail to government and transportation. More than 1,000 organizations in 50 countries use Verint's actionable intelligence solutions to enhance security, boost operational efficiency, and fuel profitability.
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