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Optimized Fine-Fibre Sorbents Programme by asecos

Clean up leaked or spilled dangerous liquids safely with fine-fibre Sorbents by asecos. The optimized Sorbents programme provides swift and effective help in cleaning up the leaks and spillages that are all part of the day’s work in industry or the laboratory.

So what’s new?

New fine-fibre Sorbents are manufactured using a special melt-blow process. Simply and cleanly, they can absorb up to 16 times their own weight of liquids. Dripping is effectively prevented thanks to the 8 layers of material forming a closely textured mesh. In contrast to large-fibre Sorbents, these fine-fibre Sorbents are 6 times more tear resistant and offer 133% more retention.
Forget the fear that leaks and spillages might attack the materials of cleaning cloths on contact. asecos Sorbents adsorb almost all dangerous and harmless liquids, including organic, inorganic and water-soluble chemicals. At the same time, the appropriate Sorbents are resistant to dangerous and partly aggressive liquids.
The Sorbents -Programme provides the right solution for every application.
Special Sorbents: for the safe and effective cleaning up of aggressive liquids such as acids and lyes. Indispensable for those accidental leaks and spillages in the laboratory.
Oil Sorbents: for the safe and effective cleaning up of oils; water is repelled. A must in every workshop.
Universal Sorbents: for the safe and effective cleaning up of oil, water and non-aggressive media. The all-rounder for almost all applications.
Thanks to the sheer variety of our product range, we can cater to an equally wide field of applications. Mats, rolls, pads and cylinders are available in two thicknesses of material. In addition to high-quality fine-fibre Sorbents, we also supply granulates, a range accessories, and, for special applications, protective barriers and sealing-mats.

Free on request – the Sorbents sample-box

A special offer from asecos service – a free test-box. Discover for yourself the excellent quality of our products by requesting the free Sorbents-Box directly from asecos at: 0180 5 92 20 90 (24hrs service hotline) or e-mail us at: info@asecos.com

Also available, hot off the press, the Sorbents Update 6.1, 20 informative pages all about Sorbents. Why not order it together with the test-box?

Do you know the difference?

To absorb / absorption
= to soak, suck, or otherwise take up into a material. Thanks to their extensive surface area, Sorbents take up liquids quickly and safely - like a bath-sponge soaks up water.

To adsorb / adsorption
= to take onto or accumulate onto the surface of a material. Here we make use of the differing properties of various substances. Only certain substances adsorb on Sorbents while others, depending on their molecular structure, are repelled. An ideal situation when dealing with water pollution, for example: the oil is adsorbed; the water repelled.

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