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Portable data acquisition system

The LTT-184 is a portable data acquisition system, which is optimized for fast long and short duration measurements using up to 16 differential signals each individually configurable.

For quickly transferring the data to either desktop or notebook computer an internal 20 MHz SCSI-II port is included. Additionally a FireWire-SCSI converter is available. The PC can therefore be hooked up to the device using for example an internal SCSI Adapter or a PCMCIA SCSI-card.
The patented hard and software design of the LTT-184 guarantees independence of the system from any additional PC software and allows for trouble free implementation in a networked environment. Thus the device is able to use any storage medium of a network without putting an unnecessary load on the network.

The very fast 128 up to 512 MB buffer saves all realtime data so that if the transfer to the PC is interrupted no data is lost. Interruptions often occur when using a PC with a multitasking operating system like Windows 2000. The metal housing provides sturdiness and protection such that the LTT-184 can be used without problem in the laboratory or in rough working conditions. The graphical user interface of the control software is user friendly and mouse controlled under Win98, WinNT4.0, WinME, Win2000 and WinXP. The "What You See What You Get" software is a very powerful tool for configuring the countless functions of the LTT-184. All variables have default values to lighten the first time user's utilization.
Powerful converting routines are provided that convert the data to most popular data analysis program formats.
Multiple LTT-184 can be linked and synchronized creating a single measurement system with an almost unlimited number of channels. Or Systems can be connected to the PC each on its own using separate SCSI interfaces on your PC. LTT systems also can be linked using the SCSI or FireWire interface with one system transferring the data to the PC. Whatever way is used, collected data will result in only one single file.
Multiple systems can run synchronously using a link between the digital inputs. One system will be defined as master, the others will run as slaves.


It's as simple as this: turn it on and work. Either as a Stand-Alone-Device or in cooperation with a notebook, the LTT-186 proves itself as a multifunction measurement system of the 1st class. Equipped with a 40 GB hard drive (shock resistance of 200G (half sine wave, 2 ms) it can be used in the most rugged mobile environments.

The LTT-186 comes with the proven architecture of the LTT-184. Whether Online or Stand-Alone: a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) puts the 16 Bit data from 8 /16 analog differential inputs on its own or arbitrary SCSI-II PC hard drive.
The connection to a PC is achieved using a self installing SCSI-II port. The LTT-186 does not need any driver and is immediately ready for operation. The internal hard drive is recognized under Win98, WinNT4.0, Win2000 and WinXP as a hard drive and therefore is directly reachable using all programs.

Considerable functions, like the internal auto-calibration and the individually software configurable input amplifiers support the patented hardware and firmware concept of the LTT-186 in its functionality and reliability.
The housing is specially optimized for the demanding mobile use: a very robust metal housing with a reinforced aluminum second floor that protects the internal 40 GB high performance IDE 2,5" hard drive. The front panel shows all the important information quickly and allows for PC independent operation.

The setup of the Stand-Alone-Operation is accomplished with the delivered Online-PC-Software LTTview. Here will be configured the hardware of the device, especially the recording mode and the timing (internal frequency or external frequency). Up to 16 configurations of the Stand-Alone-Operation can be saved and therefore up to 16 PC-independent measurement requirements can be satisfied.
With the Online-PC-Software LTTview is the technology "Analog Persistence". This online mode shows the amplitude as a function of time and therefore the capture of signal deviations is enabled.

For maximum flexibilty LTT-186 is delivered with a 9-36VDC / 100-240VAC Power Supply.

"Measuring for the Blue Helmets: Highly demanding Blast Tests with LTT Transient Recorders"

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