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CAMAG Automatic Development Chamber – totally automated development of HPTLC plates

The Automatic Developing Chamber ADC 2 creates reproducible conditions for the development of HPTLC plates. The environment may vary and the skill of the analyst may vary but the chromatogram will be the same. You can count on it!

Key features of the Automatic Developing Chamber ADC 2:

  • In the Automatic Developing Chamber ADC 2 chromatogram development is fully automatic and reproducible.
  • Fully automatic development of 20 x 10 cm and 10 x 10 cm TLC/HPTLC plates.
  • A conventional CAMAG 20 x 10 cm Twin Trough Chamber is used for development.
  • The activity and pre-conditioning of the layer, chamber saturation, developing distance and final drying can be pre-set and automatically monitored by the ADC 2.
  • Operation in stand-alone mode with input of parameters via keypad or PC control from CAMAG software “winCATS - Planar Chromatography Manager” with process monitoring, documentation of operating parameters and reporting.
  • The instrument can be IQ/OQ qualified, is compliant with the requirements of GLP/GMP and can be used in a 21 CFR Part 11 environment.

More information about ADC 2 is available at www.camag.com/adc2
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