12/20/2004 • Systems and Components

New Generation – BAT 600 supersedes BAT VGA pro

In hazardous areas, the visualization, display and control of processes on site is a matter of course today. Automation technology in potentially explosive areas is part of BARTEC`s product strategy.

With regard to this, particular emphasis is placed on visualization systems. In order to meet customer requirements in the area of operator stations designed for potentially explosive areas, BARTEC is continuously expanding the product range for control stations. In addition to the proven and tested BAT 300 and BAT 800, the recently de-veloped BAT 600 supplements the BAT-terminal family. The compatibility with the preceding model BAT VGA is guaranteed.

All BARTEC graphics-capable displays are suitable for use in zone 1. Colour displays with state-of-the-art TFT technology allow a very wide reading angle. The BAT 300 comes with a 5.7", the BAT 600 with a 10.4" and the BAT 800 with a 12" display.

The connection to a superior control station or a PLC can be realized via a direct, serial conductor. The modular interface technology enables uninterrupted communi-cation for different bus concepts (e. g. TTY, RS422/RS485, Profibus-DP, Interbus) up into the Ex area.

The very fast communication is also achieved with the new graphics-capable display BAT 600 by means of direct link to the Ex area; this means that no additional intrinsi-cally safe separator cards are required. The installation of blue conductors for intrin-sically safe circuits is no longer necessary. In hazardous areas, the visualization and control of processes on site allow efficient process management.

Visualizations are produced with the BMS Graf pro software tool which has been es-pecially designed and optimized for the BAT product family.
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