09/02/2004 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Automatic gate control and management system

Twice as secure – only authorized equipment leaves your site.
The dispatch manager determines the vehicle combination. This is automatically checked at the exit by the CCTV system. – So that nothing goes missing or astray.

Full documentation of all movements – with automatic recognition of trucks, trailers, vehicle numbers, registration numbers, etc. Prevent losses and improve your fleet management.

Efficiency from automation – intelligent, automatic gate control, for barriers etc. Authorized vehicles proceed unhindered. – Your automatic gatekeeper.

Reduced insurance costs and claims – visible damage is documented on entry and exit. Ensuring that the guilty party pays.

Your complex and diverse demands met with one efficient solution.

Improve your operation – with the help of appropriate statistical analyses, such as fleet utilization. Gain an edge on your competitors.

Sophisticated system, easy to use – Intuitive operation through a Windows graphical interface. Self-explanatory, customised, interactive sitemaps.

Centralised image analysis with top quality pictures – Networked picture transmission (LAN/WAN) for digital images with the detail you need – wherever, whenever and however often you need them.

Find the picture in seconds – search by user-specific criteria such as access control data, truck, container or camera number, date, time. After all, time is money.

Cost-efficient outdoor surveillance – Use the system for out-of-hours security too: video motion detectors trigger remote transmission of alarm pictures direct to the security centre.

Image security – dual-level password protection to avoid misuse and protect your workers rights.

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Video security that pays off.

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