08/16/2004 • Sensor Technology

Laser-line Profile Sensor scanCONTROL 2800

The laser-line profile sensor scanCONTROL 2800 makes use of the triangulation principle for two-dimensional acquisition of profiles on the most varied target surfaces.

In contrast to familiar point laser sensors, a line optical system projects a laser line onto the surface of the object to be measured. The back scattered light from the laser line is registered on a CMOS-array by a high quality optical system. Along with distance information (z-axis), the controller also computes the true position along the laser line (x-axis) from the camera image and outputs both values in the sensor two-dimensional coordinate system. A moving object or a scanning sensor will generate three-dimensional representation of the object.

Advantages - High accuracy - Very high frame frequency - Flexible field of view - High-performance signal processing unit - Innovative CMOS-technology
Specifications: Measuring range z-axis: 25 (0.98 ") / 245 mm (9.65 ") Measuring range x-axis: 5 (0.20 ") / 90 mm (3.54 ") Resolution z-axis: up to 12.5 µm Resolution x-axis: 256/512/1024 points/profile Profile frequency: up to 1,000 profiles/s Measuring rate: up to 250,000 points/s System configuration scanCONTROL consists of a compact sensor and an intelligent controller connected together via cable of variable length.

The controller outputs measurement raw data computed from both axes (standard) as well as related values of geometrical features (optional). Thanks to its exceptional speed of measuring and real time data output synchronisation scanCONTROL is not limited in its applications and is ideally suited for industrial in line inspection. The integrated FireWire interface enables scanCONTROL to be fully controlled from a PC, while insuring high data output rates and simultaneously preserving the bandwidth.

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