07/15/2004 • Process automation / MSR technology • Systems and Components • Thermal process tech

Spinning Drop with Image Analysis!

Good news for the measurement of extremely low interfacial tensions: with the SITE100 the user now has a spinning drop tensiometer with automatic image analysis available. The SITE100 continues the long tradition of KRÜSS spinning drop measurements with the most up-to-date technology. It combines the time-proven and absolutely reliable mechanisms of the preceding instrument generations with the vast experience in video-supported image analysis at KRÜSS. The Spinning Drop Module of the DSA2 Drop Shape Analysis software controls the required speed, calculates the interfacial tension – also a function of time – and outputs these with the current sample temperature. The digitally controlled motor ensures a constant variation-free rotation at up to 15000 rpm. This high maximum speed is directly beneficial in the large measuring range down to 10-6 mN/m.

The design of the instrument allows measurements to be made throughout any periods of time and permits continuous observation of the achievement of the equilibrium condition. This latter is of particular interest whenever the dynamics and the coefficients of diffusion of the surfactants and stabilizers under test allow a very slow approach to the equilibrium condition.

The double lens system with defined image scales makes it easy to change between different sized drops and surrounding phases. The ergonomic software simplifies operation. The well-proven and well-thought-out concept allows rapid and problem-free measurements even with a high sample throughput.

More than 20 years' experience in spinning drop technology combined with the most modern video techniques: SITE100

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