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No matter where your data originates, FlexPro can analyze it!

FlexPro® is the powerful platform for data presentation and analysis and uses a unique way to offer user-friendly operation with high performance. FlexPro can handle large amounts of data up gigabytes in size and offers you a modern, easy to use, object-oriented user interface.

FlexPro View offers everything that you need for presenting your data. In the powerful diagram wizard you can choose from over a hundred types of diagrams. If you want you can set up details such as axis scaling, axis structure, a legend, etc. by taking additional steps.
Designing with FlexPro is fun! Just highlight an element in a diagram and change it using the toolbar. You can set the font size, position, color, etc. without having to wade through numerous dialog boxes. You can add curves and axes easily using drag & drop.

FlexPro Standard also includes perfect mathematical analysis. You can use pre-designed analysis objects for FFT, event isolation, statistics, filters and much more. Just highlight the dataset you want to use and select the analysis function. The analysis is complete!
You can create your own algorithms as formulas using FPScript. You can choose from over 160 functions and a variety of operators.

FlexPro Professional includes the Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) development environment. This allows you to create user interfaces and dialog boxes, set up import filters for your data formats and automate your analyses. The object model provides you with access to all FlexPro functions.

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