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Video sensor systems made by GEUTEBRÜCK - the camera as an event detector!

With the camera doubling as an event detector, you can monitor a remote, sensitive area from the camera's vantage point without any extra on-site installation. Every detection system needs cameras for visual alarm verification, so why not use the same cameras for event detection?
  • Fast reaction times and reliable alarm triggering - in real time! An accurate picture comparison takes just 40 ms. - But then it often only takes milliseconds to cross the critical zone you are guarding!

  • Perfect overview for a fast reaction - thanks to a 4-field, built-in, digital picture memory. The live picture, together with the alarm sequence or picture enables lightning fast evaluation of the situation.
    Reliable discrimination for better security:
  • Weather: Global picture changes (from mast movement, rain, snow or clouds) are accurately differentiated from local ones (such as intruders) thanks to GEUTEBRÜCK's patented detection algorithm.

  • Small animals: The automatic perspective feature clearly distinguishes between small animals and people. In the foreground and in the background.

  • Continuous object tracking for perfect alarm handling - The VS-40 Digitective reports the intruder's position via the management system to a telemetry controlled camera, which zooms in on the target. Target zooming.

  • Differential motion analysis - to discriminate between banned and permitted activity in the scene, at a site entrance for example. The VS-40 Digitective discriminates according to speed and direction. Quickly and reliably.

  • Transparency - Complex picture comparison algorithms clearly set out. Easy to check every setting. For detailed corrections.

  • Save on remote set-up and servicing - Set-up and service from anywhere in the network or by ISDN. Fine tuning by your own staff or our specialists.

VS-40 Digitective - from "stand-alone" to "system in system".

The VS-40 Digitective is a self-contained CCTV monitoring system with a matrix and digital picture memory. - A GEUTEBRÜCK system product with interfaces for easy connection to analogue and digital systems, and public protocols offering full flexibility for integration into higher level alarm management systems.

VS-40/VMD-64S: Detects in real time (40 ms). For use with a single CCTV camera. 64 alarm zones for handling complex monitoring situations, especially outdoors.

VS-40/VMD-16X: 4 channels in multiplex mode. Monitors 4 cameras at once, 16 alarm zones per camera. The good value option for indoor use or for less critical outdoor applications.

VS-40/BGT-10: The 19" mounting rack. Particularly compact at 3 HU. 3 common video outputs for live or recorded pictures. With space for a control unit and 10 video detector plug-in modules - of both types.

VS-40/GD: Expansion board for galvanic isolation. Perfect picture quality guaranteed even with earthing problems and voltage differences.

VS-40/MO: Calls up the recorded pictures from each VMD separately and in parallel via the memory output plug-in.

VS-40Set/2K: Fast set-up via menu-driven Windows screen - locally or via a network (LAN/WAN).

Video security that pays off.

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