11/17/2022 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Why a specialist manufacturer chose scalable Incedo™ access control to protect its multi-use premises

London, September 2022 – Securing King Engine Bearings’ manufacturing facility in Israel posed all the challenges of mixed-use sites. Their location in Kiryat-Gat is used for manufacturing, sales and distribution. To control and manage access to offices, the warehouse and a packaging facility, they needed an integrated solution with flexibility and a comprehensive device range to match.

The secure and convenient movement of people is a challenge, at ASSA ABLOY we recognise that different people require different access times and entry points. For King Engine Bearings facility, the ideal solution would include a portfolio of devices suited to different rooms and zones at the facility. The system must be built to high standards and have a trusted track record of reliability and security in real-world situations.

Installation and management of access control hardware and software should be scalable and cost-efficient with the possibility to upgrade in the future.

Why King Engine Bearings chose Incedo

As a company whose reputation is founded on engineering, King Engine Bearings understands the importance of manufacturing. ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions’ Incedo access control ecosystem met their desire for a solution designed and built to “European standards and quality,” according to Koby Ben Hamu at King Engine Bearings.

External and internal doors between various areas of the facility are secured and monitored with ASSA ABLOY readers. Incedo controllers and door reader modules connect the hardware to Incedo’s flexible software management. All devices work seamlessly within the same ecosystem.

As Incedo is a modular, platform-based solution it provides flexible, scalable access control. Access decisions are managed from one integrated interface, which saves staff admin time. The Incedo device portfolio includes wired readers and wireless Aperio door devices plus a choice of card- and smartphone-based credentials, which may be used simultaneously. Key-operated electronic PULSE locks — powered by innovative energy-harvesting technology — may also be added, if needed.

For almost any opening, Incedo has a robust, field-tested solution. “Incedo gave us a perfect and fast solution for access control,” adds Mr Ben Hamu.

Plus, with Incedo, King Engine Bearings have the option to extend the coverage of their access control system whenever they choose. Their access control is future proofed.

To learn more about ASSA ABLOY’s Incedoä access control platform, visit https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/incedo-business

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