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Waters Andrew+ Pipetting Robot

The Waters Andrew+ Pipetting Robot provides fully automated liquid handling for applications like PCR Prep and plasmid DNA purification. Its flexible architecture enables scientists to effortlessly transition from laborious manual pipetting procedures to error-free, fully-robotized lab workflows, without any knowledge of programming, laboratory robotics, or automation engineering.

The Andrew+ robot uses single and multichannel electronic pipettes to dispense liquid volumes from 0.2 µL up to 10 mL. The device can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth with its electronic stand which is connected to the cloud using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so users can remotely monitor experiments from their computer or tablet. The robot also executes protocols on its connected devices enabling guided pipetting, shaking, rapid heating/cooling, magnetic bead separation, or micro-elution for solid phase extraction. It gives users complete control over their workflow through the compliant-ready OneLab software.

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