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Hanwha Techwin Europe Ltd.: Wisenet Parking Guidance Solution

Hanwha Techwin Europe Ltd.: AI-based Vehicle Detection for Parking Solutions

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With built-in AI-based vehicle detection functionality, the Wisenet Parking Guidance solution requires a single Wisenet TNF-9010 camera in order to monitor and analyse up to 16 parking bays to establish if they are occupied or vacant. The solution helps reduce congestion, lower vehicle-related emissions, maximises revenue for car park operators and improves the customer experience by ensuring drivers quickly locate vacant car parking bays.

Quick and easy to install, Wisenet Parking Guidance offers a highly cost-effective alternative to solutions that require multiple cameras to cover the same number of parking bays, as in addition to lower initial capital costs, less maintenance is involved. The device’s built-in LEDs can be configured to display up to 7 different colours to provide real-time visual indicators on where drivers can find various categories of available parking spaces.

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