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Innosent GmbH: Motion Detector

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With the IMD-1100, Innosent offers another 24GHz product for motion detection. The features of the radar front end meet perfectly the requirements of the low-cost motion detector sector – it’s an optimal alternative to PIR and 10GHz motion detectors. In addition to motion detection, the IMD-1100 measures speed and determines the direction of movement. The range for people detection is up to approx. 15 meters. As a front end, the IMD-1100 gives integrators the freedom to adapt to individual applications.

Typical areas of application are intrusion alarm or automatic light control. Thanks to the minimal size, the product is ideal for security systems (e.g. curtain alarm) that are integrated into windows or doors. . Innosent achieved the low price through optimized production processes, expertise and experience in technical design and development as well as minimized use of materials. Compromising quality and performance was out of question - all products are 100 percent end-of-line tested.

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