07/07/2020 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Polytec: Surface measuring device Topmap

The optical measuring instruments TopMap Micro.View and Micro.View+ characterize the surface quality of precision-machined parts without contact and with very high lateral and vertical resolution. These new optical profilometers determine surface parameters such as texture and roughness, but also flatness on fine and sensitive structures in a highly accurate way. The newly developed "Continuous Scanning Technology" extends the vertical measuring range up to 100 mm (compared to 250 µm measuring range of the previous model).

The new instruments have numerous innovations such as the extended measuring range and automation options to provide practical solutions for individual requirements and challenges in production. In addition, both instruments are equipped with a robust measuring method called "ECT Environmental Compensation Technology", which is insensitive to disturbances in production environments, resulting in significantly more reliable results and thus better process control in the production environment. Feedback based on reliable measurement results enable an immediate and well-founded reaction in the production process and help to ensure compliance with all quality requirements in a cost-efficient way. Furthermore, the positioning of the work-piece can be carried out completely automatically if desired. Together with intelligent focus detection and focus tracking, surface inspection becomes an efficient one-click solution.


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