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OADM 12, IWFM 08 & UNDK 10

Distance measuring sensors – high performance in miniature format

As a pioneer in terms of miniaturization Baumer offers the smallest, and at the same time most powerful sensors in its measuring sensors‘ portfolio. The very compact inductive, photoelectric as well as ultrasonic sensors have large sensing ranges and measure at short response times with high precision. They are ideal for demanding applications with confined space.

The IWFM 08 inductive sensor can be integrated most easily into any plant due to its compact outer dimensions of only 8 x 16 x 4,7 mm. The robust metal housing holds the entire electronics. With a response time of < 1 ms and a resolution of < 1 μm the sensor constitutes a very reliable and precise solution for e.g. measuring the eccentricity of shafts.

Within the photoelectric range Baumer offers the OADM 12, the smallest laser distance sensor with integrated evalutation unit that is available on the market. Despite its very compact housing design the sensor measures with a resolution of 2 μm, independent of object color and material, over a measuring distance of up to 120 mm. It is perfectly suited for high-precision positioning or profile measurement, e.g. in quality inspection.

The UNDK 10 ultrasonic sensor is also the smallest sensor of its kind available on the market. The very narrow sonic beam angle allows for liquid level measurements even in containers with small openings – up to a measuring distance of 200 mm.

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