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Berthold Technologie: Crocodile 5-in-one Mini-Workstation

Berthold Technologies: Automated ELISA System

The Crocodile 5-in-one Mini-Workstation is a multifunctional instrument integrating washer, dispenser, incubator, shaker and absorbance reader which offers the same functionality as five individual instruments in a footprint similar to a stand-alone reader. The Crocodile provides walkaway automation of ELISA and other microplate-based assays. Using the Crocodile will reduce assay times by eliminating the need to move plates between dispenser, washer, incubator, shaker and reader.

This allows the staff of the laboratory to perform other important activities. The user-friendly software easily adapts to any 96 well assay protocol. The five different instrument functions can be combined in any sequence, one or several times each. Installation takes 15 minutes only, with no calibration needed. The incubator can reach temperatures of up to 55 °C, this contributes to expand the applications of the Crocodile beyond ELISA. Manual steps can be programmed in case the assay needs user intervention.

Further information: https://www.berthold.com/en/bioanalytic/products/automated-elisa-systems/crocodile4-lb925/

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