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MOBILion Systems: SLIM

MOBILion Systems: Ionmobility Separation

Mobilion’s patented ion mobility separations technology, Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation (SLIM), enables multi-dimensional analysis of clinically relevant molecules – such as proteins, peptides, lipids, and glycans – for therapeutic characterization and biomarker discovery.

SLIM technology is the only ion mobility solution that uses a serpentine-shaped path on printed circuit board with a 13-meter path length in a small form factor that delivers the highest resolution, higher-throughput, and ease-of-use. SLIM technology digitizes separations and can be integrated with LC-MS workflows to provide more robust analytical information, easier methods, better resolution, faster analysis and more reproducible results than LC.

Innovation: First ion manipulations on printed circuit boards.

Annotation: www.mobilionsystems.com; https://linkedin.com/company/mobilion-systems/

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