06/29/2020 • Automation

Keyence: Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine LM

The Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine is a High Accuracy Image Dimension Measurement System for part inspection. The LM automates the process of lighting and focusing and automatically searches for the positon of the part. Due to the high resolution and intelligent interface, measurements with highest accuracy can be done intuitively and automatically. Smallest geometries, which were only visible with a microscope, are now measured with the press of a button. The LM is able to perform optical height measurements with high accuracy. Users can simultaneously measure up to 100 parts. The LM series can be used in the production and does not require a specialised inspection room. Documentation is available with the press of a button.

Innovation: The High Accuracy Image Dimension Measurement System LM convinces customers mainly with its intelligence. Also, it is the first measurement system to unite the optical height measurement in a One-Shot measurement system. The part is placed on the stage and at the press of a button up to 99 dimensions are measured on multiple identical parts. The press of a button also initiates the high accuracy optical height measurement. Equipped with a 20-megapixel monochrome CMOS sensor to get the maximum resolution performance from the lens, the LM is able to perform measurements with the precision of ±0,1μm. As mentioned before, the intelligent interface of the system is a main advantage. The LM automates the process of focusing and optimal lighting condition, positioning and detection of the part – and these are only a few features the LM automates for reliable measurements. Without any background in measurements: the interface enables any worker to operate the system for easy as well as complex measurements, while allowing for accurate and repeatable measurements. Companies can reallocate important resources and by this save money and time. Measurement programs are quickly found using QR codes. This eliminates measurement errors due to using the wrong file.  The case features a built-in temperature sensor which allows it to be installed in any location, outside of a specialised inspection room. Save time by installing the measurement system directly next to the machine or the worker. Another advantage of the intelligent measurement system is the automatic documentation of the measurement results. There is no manual transfer of the data – statistics and diagrams can be generated by the press of a button. The measurement system can be connected to the CAQ system of the company. Due to the combination of high precision, the multiple measurement options and the supportive intelligent interface, it is safe to say there is no direct competition in the market. The High Accuracy Image Dimension Measurement System LM is the ideal solution for fast, easy and high-accuracy measurements for every worker on the shop floor.


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