05/24/2018 • Automation

Zeiss COMET Pro AE 3D Sensor

Twice as fast and twice as high-res

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The new, advanced 3D sensor Zeiss COMET Pro AE is the second generation of the Zeiss COMET Automated and, as the heart of the robotic optical 3D measuring system the Zeiss AIBox flex, makes modular at-line measurements even faster and more precise. This increase in performance was made possible by countless technical improvements, and by combining different technical high-end solutions that have already proved their worth at Zeiss.

The new Zeiss COMET Pro AE fringe projector offers twice the available resolution, measuring speed and light intensity. With a transfer rate of 4.6 megapixels per second, the shortest measuring time is 1.9 seconds. Customers benefit not only from higher speed, the new fringe light projector also impresses on account of its high flexibility, robustness, quality and ease of use.

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