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In-Store Analytics

Video Analytics Software for Retail

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In-Store Analytics is a Software as a Service Solution. It allows the retail headquarter to collect customer traffic data from all stores to understand how customers move through and interact with the stores. Like this, retailers gain valuable insights on store traffic to improve operations, customer engagement and sales. As part of the solution, Bosch IP panoramic cameras are installed to provide high visibility of the retail floor. The cameras use on-board Intelligent Video Analytics to generate position data of shoppers’ movements. This data is then sent directly to the Cloud where it is further processed. Position data is mined into performance results and visualizations that are shared with the retailer through web interfaces. What makes the solution special is its data accuracy of at least 95 percent, its scalability to cover even the largest retail stores with a high camera count and large multi-store chains and the anonymity of the position data to protect the privacy of the shoppers.

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