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Smooth As Butter

Testing of the hardness and cutting tenacity of butter is necessary for a number of reasons. On the one hand, butter must be sufficiently firm to be packaged properly and for transport to the customer. On the other hand, the consumer appreciates butter that is smooth-spreading and easy to process. The butter-cutting test according to DIN 10331 / ISO 16305 is used to determine the cutting tenacity of butter.

The Ulm-based materials testing machine manufacturer Zwick has developed a cost-effective solution geared to the requirements of this test. The testing tool can be inserted into any Zwick testing machine used to carry out texture tests. During testing, a complete block of butter (250g in a water bath) is placed in the work area: the universal platform is ideal for this purpose. A cutter mounted on the crosshead of the testing machine slices through the block. The force required to cut the block is measured. Information on the butter's characteristics such as firmness and spreadability can be determined from the force-path curve plotted.

Further accessories are available to enable performance of further tests in addition to the butter-cutting test, e.g. texture and viscosity tests.

The Zwick portfolio contains a wide range of testing devices for special compression or bending tests on foodstuffs and packaging. For example, compression plates are available for compression testing of butter, cheese, or baked goods. Also, compression tests using suitable indenters may be carried out on fish, fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, butter, sweets and confectionary, noodles, eggs or cheese. Specimen grips and fixtures for packaging testing of plastics, paper, and cardboard round off the Zwick offering of flexible testing machines for the production of foodstuffs.

And, of course, the proprietary testing software testXpert® ensures versatile and extremely accurate testing and efficient evaluation of the results.
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