05/16/2018 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Smart Vision Software

Creating inspections without knowledge of image processing

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With the mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, it is possible, for the first time, for anyone (whether they are automation engineers, medical technicians, logistics specialists, process managers, etc.) to easily carry out their own inspections themselves without any expert knowledge and therefore enter the field of industrial image processing without any obstacles. The initial training period is minimal and users achieve excellent results quickly and safely. Once up to speed, image processing offers companies a multitude of other possible applications.

The actual scene captured by the smart camera is automatically analyzed, then suitable algorithms and filters are selected and the right parameters are set automatically. The user can choose from a manageable number of tools, whose names – such as "Set up camera ", "Acquire image ", "Find object ", "Read code ", etc. tell the user what they actually do. This means the software uses the same kind of language as the user. The tools make it possible to carry out visual inspection tasks in just a few minutes – quickly and cost-effectively.

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