05/25/2005 • Focus on Products at Analytica

ELN for QC/QA Labs

Labtronics' Nexxis qELN is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook designed specifically for the QA/QC Lab. It easily converts your paper-based worksheets into a tightly controlled electronic environment ensuring your routine test SOPs are strictly followed. Nexxis qELN controls the scheduling, completion and approval of each worksheet, dramatically reducing the time spent on these tasks. Nexxis-qELN provides a secure, error free environment to ensure SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are carried out correctly every time. Nexxis-qELN can provide automated datacollection and control instrument calibration. Want a better control of your routine test procedures? Contact Labtronics today and find out how Nexxis qELN can deliver the results you need.
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