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STED FLIM Microscopy

From the inventors of STED: Abberior Instruments launches STED FLIM! Based on TCSPC hardware from Becker&Hickl we integrated STED FLIM into our STED platform.

This allows you to

i) acquire simultaneously FLIM data in up to 4 channels
ii) online calculate & display of lifetimes in STED mode
iii) separate dyes in STED mode via their lifetimes
iv) FCS, scanning FCS and other single-molecule spectroscopy though off-line analysis
v) auto-saving of TCSPC photon streams that can be directly loaded into MATLAB, Python, C/C++, ImageJ vi) perform an easy workflow based on a full software integration of STED FLIM into Imspector. Image gallery of STED FLIM: www.abberior-instruments.com.

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