07/19/2015 • Focus on Products at Analytica

Low Temperature Rack Range

Precision manufactured in a certified Class 7 clean room production facility, the 24-, 48- and 96-tube Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) rack range from Micronic are based on the automation compatible ANSI / SLAS dimensional footprint.

The racks incorporate a wealth of useful features to aid automation. These features include a Twist-Lock design which prevents tubes from turning during screw (de) capping; easy lead-in tube and cover placement; closed side walls with minimal notches for perfect rack orientation and an automation-friendly cover lock system. Traceability and reproducibility is ensured through laser-etched alphanumeric visual location aids on top of the racks and a laser-etched 1D barcode on the side of the racks. The open bottom design of the storage racks facilitates quick defrosting of samples.

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