08/03/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Metrology • Process automation / MSR technology • Sensor Technology

13.56 MHz RFID data screw for metallic surroundings

Data screw for the use as parts tracking in manufacturing processes

Just to be safe – “screw-in” data
It’s not always possible to use a workpiece carrier in the production process. But when the information still needs to be carried along directly on the object, you need a simple method of attaching the data carrier to the object and detaching it quickly when it has accomplished its task. A screw design meets these requirements perfectly.

With a memory capacity of 2000 bytes the new ISO 15693 data carrier is ideal for use in areas such as parts tracking in manufacturing processes and in closed-loop applications where it needs to be reused over and over. A variety of possibilities opens up as well in identifying production equipment, such as press tools. Thanks to generous read distances the data screw with IP68/x9K offers great flexibility in mounting.

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