05/09/2011 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

Compact Raman System for Inverted Microscopy

Horiba Scientific has launched the Xplora INV, which combines the automation features and small footprint of the standard Xplora confocal Raman microscope with the capabilities of an inverted microscope, especially important for demanding biological applications. These applications include cell research, cancer detection, pharmaceutical verification of intercellular activities, inclusion of micro reactors, and easy incorporation of AFM units for combined Raman-AFM analysis and Tip-Enhanced-Raman-Spectroscopy for highest spatial resolution sample visualization.

The open structure of the Xplora INV also permits the use of virtually all options and add-ons for inverted microscopes, including micro manipulators and “optical tweezers”, specific enclosures for cell applications.

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