01/01/2015 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Flat Dome lightings

LED lighting with integrated flash controller

The new Flat Dome lightings of the TLi series with integrated flash controller allow a straight forward and easy set-up of complete visions sensors with much less effort. 

The cameras of the Basler ace series are directly mounted and connected to the lighting with the optional camera bracket and cable. The flash light is controlled by the camera ‘Exposure-Active’ signal and the integrated LED controller triggers a flashed light synchronously to the image acquisition.

The 24VDC input powers the light and via an additional DC/DC unit also the camera 12V input. This reduces wiring effort and the external 12V power unit for the camera. An I/O input allows a direct connection of a trigger sensor (like proximity switches). Holder and cable for the Basler ace camera and the light unit are also available. The TLi lightings are therefore ideal for bright field lighting solutions and inspection of fast moving objects,

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