MBJ Imaging GmbH

MBJ Imaging GmbH

Jochim-Klindt-Stra├če 7
22926 Ahrensburg

Phone: +49 (0) 41 02 77 89 0-31

Internet: www.mbj-imaging.com

Machine Vision, Machine Vision components, LED lighting, LED controller, 1-channel controller, 2-channel controller, integrated controller, dome illumination, Dark field lighting, bar lights, barlights, ring light, transmitted light, horizontal ring light, pattern light, spot light, holder, camera holder, made in Germany, machine vision, top lights, accessories, vision experts.

MBJ Imaging GmbH specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative LED illumination and LED controllers for the automation industry.

Illumination is a core component in industrial image processing and co-decisive for the performance of any inspection unit. We have set ourselves the goal of offering reliable, industrially suitable and also cost-effective standard illumination based on the latest LED technologies. Appropriate accessories allow easy and cost-efficient integration into your inspection solution. If required, we can realize customer-specific solutions.

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