07/01/2014 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Benchtop Cell Imaging Systems

GE Healthcare’s Cytell Cell Imaging System is an intuitive benchtop instrument equipped with onboard data analysis and visualization tools. It streamlines and simplifies routine assays such as cell cycle and cell viability and efficiently delivers high quality, quantitative results. Key to the simplification are the on-board Bioapps; pre-configured, easy to use software modules that automate all the steps from imaging and data acquisition through data analysis, visualization and report generation.

The cell imaging system is compact and small enough to sit on a benchtop. It can image a wide variety of sample formats including slides, petri dishes, T-flasks and microplates. Compatible reagents and kits are available from the manufacturer, although the open system provides the flexibility to create customized protocols based on other suppliers’ reagents.

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